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  July 2016

• Language App
• Shortcut to Words! Any language - English, 中文.
• Using Web technology, the best platform
• Option to learn language by typing.


360o Change,

Less Tapping!

  C     URRENTLY, most of everyone do typing on
  physical or virtual on-screen keyboard.

That is One Character At A Time.
Now user can do Word Typing   
E A S I L Y   !  

If it may take 2+ years to practice blind typing on QWERTY, the Over Drive will take much less.

It was a dream concept by the author of this program. Words can be arranged in X,Y order, user can push the word out by just touching.

Web Offline APP M O S T    D O W N L O A D s:
Sample ⓌⓉ

E N G L I S H:

    English 12000+

中 文: C H I N E S E ( H K )

    • 學 - 倉 結 Chang Jei

R E F E R E N C E: 參 考


E N 2 C H    S E A R C H : 英 ⋂ 中

    English to Chinese

    •   An offline web application (Internet Offline Mode).
    •   Need a Web Browser, such as Firefox, Safari(iPad,iPhone) supports offline web storage,
        able to run the web application from mobile device to desktop computer.
    •   Mouse, Pen, physical keyboard OK
    •   English to Chinese language translation + 打字

A New Touch Screen Typing & Learning Experience!

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