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•    Slideshow 365   
  will retrieve all pictures from your local disk folder(s),
build photo data base system, automate slide show, special effects.
Now you can link, add photo to Calendar+.
Ideal for legacy digital photo folders.

•    Calendar+   
  like "Franklin Calendar", with extra backward and
forward years. Good if need to go back history,
plug in photos, create/re-create events, complete a lifetime log.

•    WordTyping   Education Software  
  Integrated or Standalone program - A word level typing, qwerty(ABC) as index to words..., show next predictable with pool of words. Able to run on mobile and desktop computers.

      •   Typing By Abbrev

      •   Cantonese(打字.廣東話)

      •   Word Puzzle

•    Family Tree Website Program(WIN)
  Just enter names(also 中文), set relationship, prepare name.png etc.
Then run a Window Batch command to build your
Family Tree website on your local disk.
Distribute Family Tree on USB.
Optional to install on any website.

call 929.383.3889 to customize, just $399.

SlideShow 365 (Click the PLAY button to start)

Enter your local path - "file: / / c: / pictures / photo.png"
(Watch for backslash vs slash).
W o r d T y p i n g . c o m

CALENDAR+, SLIDESHOW 365 are free of charge for photographers.

Your link will be slideshow365.com/YOURBRANDNAME, and client will visit with a login ID.

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